F3 Cross Training uses

FULLY FUNCTIONAL FITNESS as a training staple.

F3 Cross Training will help you to improve your performance and physique, and allow you to be better, stronger, and faster in competition and everyday life.  
F3 Cross Training provides a unique program incorporating fully functional fitness as a training staple.  Our Group Fitness and Powerflow Kickboxing workouts are strategically planned to challenge your body in ways that will optimize your fitness, strength, speed, and agility with a maximum calorie burn.  We pride ourselves in offering a dynamic and varied fitness program.


Every day is different and you won't find the same workout repeated in our gym. 
If you are looking to try us out, or drop in from another gym, you can purchase your first class HERE.  E-mail or call us if you have any questions.

At F3 Cross Training, we are committed to providing an environment in which every client gets dedicated support to accomplish their fitness goals.  Our coaches will push you to be your best and to realize your health and fitness goals.  The community at F3 is welcoming and supportive.  We regularly host social events - at the gym and at local events, restaurants, or bars.
At F3, you'll start working out in our group fitness classes from Day one... no "foundations" or introduction classes!  You don't need to be "in shape" to start at F3, come in and try us out today!  All of our workouts are scalable to any fitness level, so we'll work with you to tailor our programming to your needs.  Whether you are just getting back in to working out, rehabbing an injury, or looking to increase the intensity of your workouts - F3 Cross Training is the place for you!  


We are proud to say we offer more variety of training than any other Houston gym.  We don't get our WODs from a franchised website, and we have not done the same workout of the day in three years!   Our programming is designed by a professionally trained personal trainer with a Master's Degree in Human Performance.  

We offer a comprehensive training program in a group-fitness setting.  We aren’t a Crossfit gym, a boot camp, or a kettlebell gym.   Our ever changing fitness periodization program challenges our clients' strength, speed, and endurance, and gives our clients a far better knowledge base of exercise.  
At F3 Cross Training, we focus on creating safe, effective, and efficient workouts, while emphasizing technique and form over repetitions and speed. 

Stop by today to try your first class.


2012 Center Street Schedule

We offer group fitness and kickboxing classes.  F3 is a hands-on type studio, so we suggest coming in to try a class to see if F3 Cross Training is the right fit for you!  

Things you should bring to class:

  • Water (at least 32 oz in the summer)

  • Athletic clothing

  • Cross training shoes

  • Towel

  • An extra shirt for the ride home

In cases of inclement weather, morning classes will be cancelled by 10 PM the previous evening.
Afternoon classes will be cancelled by 12 PM the day of class.   All members will be notified via e-mail and text message.


We offer group fitness classes six days a week at our two locations.  These classes will mix weightlifting, body weight exercises, and cardiovascular training for a fully functional workout.  

Drop-In Pricing/New Member:

$20.00 .................. Drop In Rate 

$50.00 .................. Trial Month (New Member)

*Trial month cannot be combined with any other offers.

Purchase a Drop-In, or Trial Month HERE.



We offer an easy billing system — unlimited group fitness + power flow classes for one monthly payment.

$150.00 ................  Unlimited Classes

All Memberships are on a recurring, month-to-month basis and require a 14-day notice for cancellation. 

Purchase a Monthly Membership HERE.

Punch Cards:

Punch Cards also available.  Please call, e-mail, or inquire with a coach at the gym.

Purchase a Punch Card HERE.


We also offer 30-minute Powerflow Kickboxing classes.

These unique 30-minute classes combine boxing/kickboxing techniques, strength training/lifting stations, and body-weight movements for a full-body workout guaranteed to make you sweat!



$20.00 .................. Drop In Rate


We understand that a new workout experience can be intimidating, even for the most seasoned athlete.  At F3, our coaches have diverse backgrounds, but have one thing in common: they are committed to providing an environment in which every athlete experiences dedicated support in accomplishing their fitness goals. 
We want to make sure you are challenged, supported, and coached through every workout. 



Sean Lester is a professionally trained personal trainer with 20+ years in the industry.  He earned a Master of Science degree in Human Performance from the University of Houston.  Sean has experience in sports strength and conditioning, martial arts, self defense, security work, as well as an extensive first aid background.  Sean founded F3 Cross Training in 2007.


Sean takes his vast experience and creates a unique training program that will continually challenge his clients.  He is a co-founder of the Houston Parkour Chapter and also specializes in reality-based combat.  He has an extensive martial arts background (Muay Thai, Krav Maga/Haganah, Wrestling, Jujitsu, and Kung Fu), and was a 2 Time/2 Division National Martial Arts Champion.  


Sean was fortunate to work as the First Intern Trainer for the Houston Rockets and Houston Comets under Anthony Falsone, and was a former Nutrition Aide at U of H for Dr. Coleman (Trainer for the Houston Astros).  Sean also holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certification. 

—  Sean Lester, MHP, Founder, Head Trainer

We know that there are thousands of gyms in Houston, so it can be a difficult decision when choosing your new home to work out.  We can sit here and tell you how great we are... But what matters most is what our members have to say about their experiences at F3 Cross Training.  We pride ourselves not only for our challenging (and fun) workouts, but also for the community atmosphere fostered by group fitness classes.

Would you like to share your experience at F3 Cross Training?  Email us at info@f3crosstraining.com.

Boyu H.

I joined the gym about 2 weeks after I moved to Houston and it's been amazing.  I think Sean, Ryan, Katie and all the trainers do an excellent job running the gym and have really developed a sense of community.  


The work outs are fun and extremely challenging and they push you to be better (not just the trainers, everyone at the gym).

I can't emphasize enough how there's a real sense of community at this gym and how I've made some really great friends.

Emily R.

I feel like I've tried them all - the YMCA, 24 Hour Fitness, outdoor boot camps. But F3 EADO is the BEST workout I've ever gotten.

Katie, Ryan, and Sean have created a fun, supportive atmosphere where people of any fitness level can work to achieve their fitness goals without the intimidation or judgment of the big box gyms.


Whether you're just starting out, already ripped, or somewhere in between, you will get a great workout here every time. You'll learn proper technique and the exercises can almost always be either scaled up or scaled down to suit your needs.  And although you may want to die after the hardest of the hard workouts, you will feel like a complete and utter badass.

Dani D.

This place is for everyone! No judgment with hard workouts and super knowledgeable leaders!


If you're looking to start a workout regiment or finding something you this is the place for you!

Jamison W.

I have personally gotten incredible fitness results after such a short time. I was used to a certain level of fitness when I was swimming about 12 years ago, but got lazy and inconsistent with workouts.


Since starting at F3, I am in better physical condition than I have been in 10 years. ​ It's easy to get started any of the trainers will get you a great first month deal--take advantage of it! Go 4 or 5 days a week and get into it and see the way things work and stick with it.


If you are interested in dropping in, you're attending an event at F3, or you're redeeming a pass/voucher for F3, please request a waiver before coming in.

A representative will e-mail you within 24-hours of your initial contact.

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